About me

Hi! I’m Alexandra. The Crunchy Fairy came out of my desire to bring healthy treats and health solutions to my family and also friends. I accidently fell into allergy baking when I realized so many of my friends or friends’ children had sepcific allergy needs that made food a subject of stess instead of fulfillment.

When faced with my own health issues and the health of my children, I looked to food as a natural source to heal and nurish and immediatly saw dramatic physical, emotional and behaviorial results. I quickly realized that having go to snacks and options for our way of eating was vital to our happiness and so I started to tinker with recipes to make them adaptable for allergies and thus, “Crunchy Fairy” was born.

All of my baked goods are grain free or gluten free, dairy free, soy free, artificial dye free and most are refined sugar free. I can work with you on other allergies as well such as eggs and nuts, just let me know. When searching for ingredients, I always look for organic, non GMO foods and local if possible. I hope you have fun with your crunchy fairy delights

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