Valentine’s Day

Allergy friendly Valentine’s Day is easy with these delicious options! Delivery available for all items with a $30 order.

Heart Sugar Cookies
Chewy with perfect crunch topped with powdered sugar glaze and artificially dye free sprinkles.
GF, DF, SF, DF and Vegan. *Contains nuts*
$22.00 a dozen

Sugar Cookie bars
A mix between a cookie and cake! Chewy like a cookie with cake like texture. These are decadent and delicious! Refined sugar free frosting with artificially dye free sprinkles.
GF, DF, SF. *Contains egg and nuts*
$25.00 for 8×8

Marshmellows make everything better. Small batch made marshmellows made with honey and no corn syrup whatsoever. Add dye-free sprinkles and you go yourself a tasty portable treat!
DF, DF, SF, Nut free, egg free and corn free*
$10.00 a box 25 count

Sweetheart Tray
Can’t decide? Enjoy a variety of Valentine’s items, all wrapped up ready to serve. Great for schools, offices or just for your family at home! Includes smaller portions of cookie bars, sugar cookies, marshmellows, cake pops and chocolate.
Serves about 8-10
See allergy information on individual items.

Sweetheart Cake Pops
Delicious crunchy fairy signature cake flavors wrapped in a chocolate shell is the definition of “Love”
Three flavors!
Chocolate/chocolate shell
-GF, DF, SF Contains nuts and eggs*
Vanilla/chocolate shell.
-GF, DF, SF Vegan, contains nuts.
Red Velvet/ white chocolate shell.
-GF, DF, SF Vegan and nut free
$20 for 8 count one flavor
$26 for 12 count mixed flavors

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls
Peanut butter balls mixed with puffed quinoa dipped in chocolate? Yes please! Go ahead and eat them for breakfast.
GF, DF, SF Vegan. Contains nuts.
Can be made nut free on request however please note that my puffed quinoa come from a facility that also processes nuts.

$15.00 box 10 count

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